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Teaching guides

The Cabinet Papers website holds enormous potential to support history teachers looking for resources for A level students. The resource can also be used, when appropriate, for students at GCSE level.

A large resource takes time to explore and requires experience and experimentation. With this in mind we have created a number of teaching guides to help teachers access materials as quickly as possible. These guides share ideas and approaches other practitioners have employed on these and other National Archives resources.

Authorship of primary sources

The A level study packages offer a selection of cabinet papers relevant to each topic. These documents constitute the majority of primary sources provided for students on this site. A small selection of sources authored by third parties is available from institutions listed under external links.

To ensure topics are studied from a wide variety of viewpoints, the website also offers:

  • Selected Cabinet documents representative of discussions outside of Cabinet
  • Added sources that represent direct viewpoint of key players
  • Links to external organisations where additional viewpoints can be sourced