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Rhee's criticisms

En Clair and By Bag.FK



No. 51
7th May, 1951.

D. 7.10 p.m. 7th May, 1951


Addressed to Korea telegram No. 51 of 7th May

Repeated for information to Tokyo
and Saving to Washington No.2363
U.K.Del.New York No. 518

My immediately preceding telegram: /Press reports of President Syngman Rhee's remarks about British policy in Korea/.

(1) In three conversations with United Nations officials this week, President Syngman Rhee, of South Korea, has angrily denounced Britain for having "influenced General MacArthur's removal".

"The British troops have outlived their welcome in my country," he said to a high Australian official. "They are not wanted here any longer. Tell that to your Government. The Australian, Canadian, New Zealand and British troops all represent a Government which is now sabotaging the brave American effort to liberate fully and unify my unhappy nation."

On two other occasions Mr. Syngman Rhee attacked the policy of halting the fighting below the Yalu River. He blames British influence for this policy, which he claims is "a vicious betrayal" of South Korea.

(2) A report that Syngman Rhee, the South Korean President, said British troops had outstayed their welcome in Korea was stated today to be "Communist-inspired and untrue".

A South Korean spokesman said: "The President declared that if all the people of the democratic world were as brave and as loyal as the British troops we could ask for nothing better.

We love the British and are grateful for their help".

China and Korea Department
News Department
United Nations Political Department
Commonwealth Liaison Department
Information Policy Department
Regional Advisers


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