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American actions during the Battle of Imjin River

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Hill 675 (CT 2100). The 10th BCT reverted to control of the 65th Infantry. The 64th Heavy Tank Battalion (less one company attached to the 7th Infantry) was ordered to be prepared to move north along the axis CS 2497-CT 2505, then west along the 05 east-west grid line, to cut off the enemy when the 65th's attack drove them back. During this period enemy pressure against the Royal Ulster Rifles and the Northumberland Fusiliers was too heavy to permit these battalions to be disengaged and used elsewhere.

During the night of 24-25 April the enemy infiltrated to the left and centre of the 29th BIB positions to such an extent that the 1st and 3d Battalions of the 65th, the Belgian Battalion, the 10th BCT, and the 29th BIB CP were brought under small arms and mortar fire. The main supply route from the 29th BIB CP to the [Royal] Ulster Rifles and the Northumberland Fusiliers was interdicted but not cut by enemy fire. This enemy pressure prevented the planned attack by the 1st and 3d Battalions of the 65th to relieve the Gloucester Battalion. Enemy forces southeast of the 65th battalions required that they be used to prevent the enemy from getting behind withdrawing troops on the main supply route. The 3d Reconnaissance Company and the 2d Battalion of the 65th were sent at 1000/I to take positions on a line CS 2590-CS 2893 to block the enemy and drive him into the path of the 10th BCT and the 1st and 3d Battalions of the 65th as they advanced to the southeast.

1st Corps ordered Plan Golden A executed effective 250800/I. This plan called for withdrawal to Line DELTA just above the CS 90 east-west grid line. The problem of relieving the Gloucester Battalion remained unsolved. Commanders of the 29th BIB, the 65th Infantry, and the 64th Heavy Tank Battalion conferred and decided to send a platoon of tanks to open a withdrawal route. When two attempts by the tank platoon failed, the brigade commander, to save the rest of the unit and comply with the order to withdraw to Line DELTA, ordered the Gloucester Battalion to fight its way out and the 29th BIB began its withdrawal.

The Belgian Battalion occupied blocking positions west and southwest of the 29th BIB CP (CS 2597) to enable the Ulster Rifles and Northumberland Fusiliers to fall back through the Belgian Battalion to Line DELTA. The Belgian Battalion fought a delaying action to cover the 29th BIB and became rather widely scattered. The Northumberland Fusiliers and Ulster Rifles, having been heavily engaged for three days, were also disorganised as they arrived at Line DELTA. The 29th BIB was depleted in strength and its tactical unity was impaired. The brigade needed to be reorganised to restore its effectiveness. Therefore 1st Corps was asked to release the 15th Infantry from Corps reserve to the 3d Division to relieve the 29th BIB on Line DELTA. The 15th Infantry relieved the 29th at 2330/I. The 29th BIB


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