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American actions during the Battle of Imjin River

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A 3d Division staff officer went by helicopter to the Belgian Battalion to work up a plan to remove vehicles with the Battalion. To help in the withdrawal, the 1st Battalion, 7th Infantry, which had moved during the morning to counter an enemy penetration reported near Hill 675 (CT 2200), was ordered to attack the enemy in the vicinity of Hill 257 (CT 2506). Withdrawal of the Belgian Battalion, coordinated with the attack of the 1st Battalion, 7th Infantry, at 1930/I, was successfully executed. Seven vehicles were lost. Next morning the Belgian Battalion moved to the vicinity of the 29th BIB [British Independent Brigade] C[ommand]P[ost]. 1st Battalion, 7th [Infantry], continued in heavy contact until 2240/I when it disengaged and withdrew to an assembly area in the vicinity of the 7th Infantry CP. The Royal Ulster Rifles Battalion (less one company) was committed on the right of the [Royal] Northumberland Fusilier Battalion to fill the Belgian Battalion's place in the line.

At 230910/I 3d Division received orders from 1st Corps to withdraw in an orderly manner to Line KANSAS. The 7th Infantry was ordered to occupy positions on KANSAS in the 65th Infantry sector. The 65th Infantry (-) withdrew south of the Hantan River during the day, passed through the 7th, and went into division reserve at CS 2797. The 3d Battalion, 65th, was attached to the 7th Infantry to occupy positions on KANSAS which had been assigned to the 1st Battalion, 7th.

Heaviest attack in the division sector was delivered against the 29th BIB. All elements of the brigade on the line were forced to withdraw under heavy enemy pressure. The enemy penetrated between the Gloucester[shire] and Northumberland Fusilier Battalions. When the 65th withdrew through the 7th, the 10th BCT was attached to the 29th BIB and moved to an assembly area (CS 2597), closing at 2000/I. This battalion was attached to provide the 29th with a reserve to counter the penetration.

The Gloucester Battalion received heavy attacks throughout the night of 23-24 April. A task force of the 10th BCT with its own M-24 tanks and half C Squadron [7 Royal Tank Regiment], 8th [King's Royal Irish] Hussars, moved out in the morning of 24 April to link up with the Gloucester Battalion and aid in its withdrawal. The task force met heavy resistance but pushed to a point 2,000 yards from the Gloucester position on Hill 235 (CT 1801). The lead M-24 tank hit a mine (or was hit by a mortar round - 3d Division states that the reports are conflicting), was disabled, and blocked the road. The brigade commander considered it unwise to continue the effort to relieve the Gloucester Battalion and withdrew the relief force.

To restore positions in the division's left the 1st and 3d Battalions, 65th, were moved to an assembly area (CS 2397) to prepare to counterattack to the northwest on the morning of the 25th, regain the Gloucester position, and destroy the enemy concentration reported on


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