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Compensation claim


MRS. RIBTON is the widow of Herbert P. Ribton, C.E., University of Dublin, a British subject, who was savagely murdered at Alexandria, in the massacre of Sunday, the 11th June, 1882.

By his death Mrs. Ribton and her daughter, who is now seventeen years of age, have been left totally unprovided for.

Mr. Ribton was a native of the City of Dublin, a graduate of T.C.D., [Trinity College, Dublin] a Civil Engineer by profession, and son of the late Dr. George Ribton, a well-known member of the medical profession in Dublin.

At the time of his death Mr. Ribton was one of the Civil Engineers attached to the "Tribunali Misti" at Alexandria.

On Sunday, the 11th June, 1882, Mr. Ribton, accompanied by his daughter and three friends, left home to visit the British Fleet then in the Harbour, and on his return was brutally murdered by the Arab Mob and Soldiers; about 300 other Europeans fell in the same massacre.

Mr. Ribton's daughter was frightfully beaten. She was seized by an Arab Soldier who carried her off to the Arab quarter. Here she was miraculously rescued by a friendly Arab Sheik, who kept her till night fall when he sent her home disguised as an Arab. She was, however, dreadfully bruised, and is still in extremely delicate health.

After remaining in terror of their lives for four days, on the Friday following, Mrs. Ribton and her daughter were enabled to effect their escape and to take refuge on board the vessel which was hired by the British Government for the reception of the refugees.

Everything that Mrs. Ribton and her daughter possessed in the world, save the clothes in which they fled, was left behind in Alexandria, and they are now absolutely destitute.

Mrs. Ribton presented a petition to Her Majesty's Government for compensation for the murder of her husband, and has been informed by Earl Granville, in reply, that her claim must be investigated by an International Commission in Egypt, which Commission has since been appointed, and is expected to sit shortly. * Mrs. Ribton is advised that, in order to establish her claim, it is absolutely necessary for her daughter and herself to go to Alexandria; but she has no means to pay their passage there, or to support herself and her daughter pending the investigation.

* Since this paper was printed, Mrs. Ribton has lost a valuable friend by death – of Miss L'Estrange

* There is now no necessity for Mrs. Ribton to go to Egypt.

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