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Interrogation of German soldiers

716 A[nti] t[an]k B[attalio]n (716th Inf[antry] Div[ision]).

Three P[risoners of]W[ar] interrogated. Feldwebel [Sergeant-Major] of 1st Co[mpan]y age 27, believed in German victory. Unteroffizier [Sergeant] 2nd Coy age 28, very intelligent peasant. Said his t[roo]p's 7.5 cm guns were all destroyed by bombardment and his s[er]g[ean]t said it was more reasonable to surrender since they could not fight any more (captured 7 June near Caen). Some Volksdeutsche [ethnic German] in his coy. Third, an Obersoldat [German army rank] 2nd Coy age 38, a Polish cobbler, tells the following story. "At 2 o'clock one morning the Alarm Stufe 2 was given and he was sent forward to Craye-sur-Mer (presumably Graye-sur-Mer) to a gun section. He had been trained as an infantryman and had no anti-tank experience. When the Allies appeared off the beach his platoon commander, a Stabsfeldwebel, [Staff Sergeant] a very decent fellow in PW's opinion, said 'This is it, boys. We give up now' and the platoon never fired a shot." PW stated that 1st Coy was composed entirely of Germans, 2nd Coy had about 80 Poles in a total strength of 150.

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