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Report on the French Resistance

3. Divisions moving from a distance

(a) 2[nd] S[chutz]S[taffel] Panzer Division

This division was concentrated in the triangle TOULOUSE-MONTAUBAN-ALBI. First elements left on D Day and the last reached the ST. LO area on D + 17. [D-Day plus 17 days] Part moved by road and part by rail but the last 100 miles NORTH of LE MANS was by road in all cases. The total distance is approximately 450 45 miles and it has been estimated that the greater part of this division took between twice and three times as long to do the journey as should normally have been necessary. Much of the credit for the delay imposed must go to the Resistance, for there is ample evidence that this division was directly attacked and delayed by the F[rench]F[orces of the]I[nterior] in the early stages of its move, before it was subjected to air attack. One German company, which took the easterly route, fought the FFI at TULLE and again further NORTH. They hanged 80 prisoners in the first instance and shot 200 after the second engagement. Another element, consisting of four companies, was attacked on 9th June some 10 miles NORTH of TOURS. In the course of a protracted engagement, which held the enemy up for three days, 20 FFI were taken prisoner and later hanged.

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