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War diary of 8th Canadian Brigade

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At Sea   0749
At 0749 the rocket ships manoeuvred into pos[itio]n and fired their salvoes, but owing to poor visibility and smoke the effect was not observed. A few moments later, word was received that the assault coys were ready for the dash to the shore and R[oyal]M[arines] F[orward]O[bservation] B[attery] ordered fire on strongp[oin]t at BERNIERES. At this time it became apparent that for some unknown reason SP arty had switched all fire to ST AUBIN. Lack of opposition from beach, however, was encouraging and assault coys were ordered in. Appx 1 & 2
During the run in very little opposition was evident. No enemy A[ssault? attack?]C[raft] appeared and a small number of our own AC showed up during this time. At approx[imately] 0812 AVREs were seen touching down on beach, closely followed by assault coys. As it became evident assault coys were achieving success the res[erve] coys were ordered in. Capt[ain] JLS Steven, Bde I[ntelligence]O[fficer], landed with B[attalio]n HQ of Q[ueen's]O[wn]R[ifles] of C[anada]. Stiff resistance was now being encountered along the narrow coastal strip and progress was slow. By 0850 however res bn had landed. Beaches were not cleared as quickly as they should have been but cas[ualties] were comparatively light considering the congestion. The res bn finally cleared off the beach and made its way f[or]w[ar]d to assembly area in vicinity of the church. Brig[adier] KG Blackader landed and proceeded to HQ of QOR of C. He was accompanied by L[ieutenan]t S Caldecott as staff off[ice]r.  
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