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War diary of 8th Canadian Brigade

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Instructions regarding preparation of War Diaries (which will be kept from first day of mobilisation, creation or embodiment), are contained in F.S. Reg[ulation]s Vol[ume] 1.
Title pages will be prepared.
Original, duplicate and triplicate to be forwarded to O. i/c 2nd Echelon for disposal.


(Erase heading not required)
Place Date Hour Summary of Events and Information Remarks, references to Appendices and initials
Jun[e]1-5   Weather - fine. Enemy Air Activity - Slight. App[endi]x 1 & 2
      Bde HQ and all the units were split down into craft loads and passed through the "Sausage Machine" to embarkation p[oin]ts , and thence to assault craft and ships. Com[man]d G[rou]p of Bde HQ was aboard HMS WAVENEY, a specially fitted HQ ship. D Day originally was scheduled for 5 Jun, but on 4 Jun word was received that the op[eration] had been postponed 24 h[ou]rs.  
  6   Weather - fine. Enemy Air Activity - NIL. Appx 1 & 2
At Sea   0630 D Day. Sighted BERNIERES and ST AUBIN. The landmarks which had been carefully memorised from air photos were clearly recognisable - the jetty at the harbour of COURSEULLES - the flat expanse of marsh land to the EAST - then the church steeple amid a profusion of trees, which marked BERNIERES and on down the coast to the cluster of b[ui]ld[in]gs surrounding the next church which marked ST AUBIN SUR MER. As the coast drew nearer the wind increased and a heavy sea made it necessary to consider whether or not the D[uplex]D[rive] t[an]ks [amphibious tanks launched from landing craft] were to be launched or should the t[roo]ps go in without their immediate assistance.  
    0700 Visibility lessening and the decision was made not to launch the DD tks. The expectant and eager tps of the assault coys [ie. companies] loaded into their L[anding]C[raft]A[ssault]s  
At this time a sig[nal] was received that the A[rmoured]V[ehicle]R[oyal]E[ngineer]s were late. H h[ou]r for J2 [second assault group of Force J] was set back an additional 10 min[ute]s. To give the leading inf the s[up]p[ort] at the correct time, orders were issued to delay fire from the S[elf]P[ropelled] art[iller]y to conserve am[munitio]n for the assault. The armada slowly approached the shore and at 0725 L[anding]C[raft]G[un]s opened fire on the beach def[ence]s followed by the SP arty who opened fire after a slight delay had occurred in transmission of orders to all craft. The orders were to fire until 0807.  
      BERNIERES and ST AUBIN receiving terrific pounding though the main effect seemed to be more inland and not on the immediate beach defs.  
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