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Casualty records

Instructions regarding preparation of War Diaires (which will be kept from first day of mobilisation, creation or embodiment), are contained in F.S. Reg[ulation]s Vol[ume] 1.

Title pages will be prepared.
Original, duplicate and triplicate to be forwarded to O. i/c 2nd Echelon for disposal.

(Erase heading not required)

Place Date Hour Summary of Events and Information Remarks, references to Appendices and initials
      The unit now are clearing 2 B[attalio]ns of 8th B[riga]de, Q[ueen's]O[wn]R[ifles] of C[anada] and N[orth] Shores [Regiment]. The Chaudiers [Regiment de la Chaudiere] are moving up and we will clear them eventually. 7th Bde front fairly quiet the Reginas [Rifles] had casualties from mortar fire etc laid down by the Hun. Total casualties through A[dvanced]D[ressing]S[tation] - 109.  
12 Jun[e]
  Weather somewhat unsettled. Front line quiet for part of day. A number of casualties evacuated later in the day. No. of land 2 section continue to operate C[asualty]C[learing] P[ost] with B Co[mpan]y in reserve and H[ead]Q[uarters] operating the ADS. Our Jeep Ambulance cars are working overtime and are in need of a rest for maintenance and general overhaul. We had our first veh[icle] casualty today when a Jeep was struck by an English lorry. It can be repaired by workshop but will be off the road for some days. Casualties evacuated 76.  
13 Jun 1944   Few rain squalls but weather generally good. A fairly quiet day. The unit are engaged in making the ADS as comfortable as possible. Exhaustion cases are rather numerous. A number will be able to return to duty but some will have to be evacuated. No mail or newspapers received. Capt[ain] JK Morrison and Capt CG Craig were attached to unit supernumerary to establishment. We have been fortunate in the Bde not to have had any M[edical]O[fficer] casualties. Capt Dickson relieved Capt Huckvale of the Regina Rif[les] in order to give the latter a deserving rest. Casualties cleared today 56.  
14 Jun 1944   Cooler but generally fair. The front continues quiet. We had our best night last night having no casualties cleared to ADS from 1100 h[ou]rs 13 Jun to 0800 hrs 14 Jun. Although the front line troops are getting more rest the tension is still there but morale is high. Our area is gradually becoming more and more comfortable "like home". Stoves for heating hot water for having baths etc have been erected. There is no water problem as we are situated on a small river, the river THUE.

Capt Murphy relieved Capt Caldwell of the R[oyal] W[inni]p[e]g Rif. He has done an excellent job and deserves a rest. A few recommendations for awards was submitted today. I hope they are approved.

A house ¼ mile south of our ADS was taken over and is being set up by 6 section as an exhaustion centre. Capt Morrison is in charge. The Div[isional] Neuropsychiatrist Major Gregory is the advisor. It affords ample room, pleasant surroundings, and a large garden and sports field which should help to occupy the minds of the patients.
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