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Air support for Juno beach

6-6-44 Typhoon MN370 F[light]/L[ieutenant] Dadson Dive-
07:00 08:15 Today was the "Big Day". In conjunction with the landings of Allied Forces on the northern coast of France, our squadron attacked a number of gun positions just behind the proposed beachhead at Courseulles. This squadron, led by S[quadron]/L[eader] Norsworthy, dropped 24 x 1,000lb bombs in direct support of the Assault landings of the Third Canadian Division. Red Flight struck at one German Battery position, while Blue flight struck at another one only a short distance away. When the bombs struck, both batteries were believed to be "a long distance removed". The actual bombing attacks were made through billowing clouds of smoke and corruption to the tune of an intense sea to land bombardment by heavy naval guns. Tanks were observed landing on the beach and aircraft of all descriptions were present in every corner of the sky. No resistance appeared to be offered to the invaders in these early stages of the attack. All our aircraft returned safely.
MN435 F[lying]/O[fficer] Hogg
MN581 F/O Burton
MN553 F/O Laycock
MN352 F/O Monson
MN417 F/O Moen
MN308 S/L Norsworthy
MN464 F/O Smith
JR506 F/O Scharff
MN665 F/O Burgess
MN356 F/O Johns
MN663 F/O Brown,
    MN352 S/L Norsworthy   16:40 18:05 Following up the invasion forces, our squadron provided eight aircraft as a reconnaissance squadron over the Caen area. Each aircraft carried 2 x 500 lb M.C. bombs to be used on targets of opportunity. No great opportunity presented itself as the squadron searched the area from varying altitudes, 500 f[ee]t to 5,000 ft and S/L Norsworthy was forced to lead his men home without a smell of cordite. Only two of our own armoured scout cars were seen heading south from Courseulles. Bombs were jettisoned into the Channel.
JR506 F/O Swingler
MN464 F/O Thomas
JR521 F/O Hewson
MN370 F/L Dadson
MN401 F/O Porritt
MN553 F/O Ross
JR362 F/O Stelter
    JR506 F/O Scharff   19:45 21:00 Briefed to search for enemy Armoured vehicles near Caen. F/L Dadson led the squadron unexpectedly over a large north bound armoured column just south of Caen, in France. The columns believed to be a part of the 21st Panzer Division en route to assemble near Caen. The squadron attacked the column with 500 lb bombs and cannon inflicting heavy damage on a score of vehicles. Bombs were dropped over various parts of the column on individual attacks. None of our aircraft were damaged. All returned safely.
MN356 F/O Bernhart
MN370 F/L Dadson
MN435 F/O Rassenti
MN352 F/OMonson
JR362 W[ing]/C[ommander] Hillock
MN581 F/O Burton
MN417 F/O Moen
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