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Prefabricated wooden hospitals

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materials from the shore to the sites - and states that the materials which are already crowding the shore will suffer and that if a demand for the whole of the buildings should arise it will be impossible to meet it from this source of difficulty alone - he suggests as a remedy that I should send about 30 Tons of light contractors rails and a few trucks or trollies - and I think it would be desirable assuming as of course I must a possibility though I trust not a probability of the buildings being required - The cost of these rails and the trucks and other small work to send out would not exceed £500 - and if ordered at once I could probably obtain them and send them out by the same vessel that takes the small remaining quantity of building materials.

I am Sir
Your obedient Servant
Isambard Kingdom Brunel [signature]

[To] B. Hawes Esq.

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