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Prefabricated wooden hospitals

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18 Duke Street Westminster
September 7th. 1855


By letters received from Renkioi of the 25th. ulto. it appears that Dr. Parkes has received instructions not to proceed with one of the two Jetties which I had directed to be constructed for the landing of stores and particularly for the future landing of patients. A few words will explain the object of this second landing and I think satisfy Lord Panmure [Secretary of State for War] of the necessity of it, - indeed I can assure his Lordship that no needless expense shall be incurred but on the contrary that every prudent and real economy shall be studied in the erection as they have been very laboriously in the designing of these buildings. The means of landing conveniently in all weathers was made by me one of the important conditions of a good site and I directed that the circumstance of the


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