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Report on medical care

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of their divisions, concur in considering cases requiring such attendance. They are employed chiefly, according to Miss Nightingale's evidence, among the wounded, the operation cases, and the severe medical cases. Their duties consist, in surgical cases, in washing, and preparing for the morning visits of the medical officer, such wounds as they are directed by that officer to treat in this way; to attend upon him in dressing the wounds; and to receive, and take to Miss Nightingale, his directions as to diet, drink, and medical comforts. In surgical cases, a corridor and two wards are generally assigned to four nurses. In medical cases, their duties consist in dressing bad sores, seeing that the food of the patients is properly cooked and properly administered, and that cleanliness, both of the wards and of the person, is attended to. We have reason to believe that the services of these hospital attendants have been extremely valuable.

With respect to the supply of medicines, hospital furniture, medical comforts, and provisions in these hospitals, we regret to state that the information which we have been able to collect is most unsatisfactory.

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