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The Charge of the Heavy Brigade

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positions, continued giving all the support they could to the Turkish Troops, though much exposed to the fire of heavy guns and riflemen, when they took part on the left of the second line of Redoubts by an order from your Lordship.

The Heavy Brigade had soon to return to the support of the Troops defending Balaklava, and was fortunate enough in being at hand when a large force of Russian Cavalry was descending the hill; I immediately ordered Brigadier General Scarlett to attack with the Scots Greys and Inniskilling Dragoons, and had his attack supported in second line by the 5th Dragoon Guards and by a flank attack of the 4th Dragoon Guards.

Under every disadvantage of ground these 8 small squadrons succeeded in defeating and dispersing a body of Cavalry estimated at 3 times their number and more.

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