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Extract from Royal Navy ship's muster

Bounty Paid. No. Entry. Year Appearance Whence and whether Pressed or not Place and County where Born. Age at Time of Entry in this Ship. No. and Letter of Tickets. MEN'S NAMES. Qualities D.
D.D.or R.
Time of Discharge.
  541 22nd Mar[ch] 1805 Aug[ust]19th HMS Niger
Renfrew N[orth]
26   Duncan Wright AB[le
  8 [12th October] ditto [October 12th] [Volunteer Class] No.3 Crediton 14   W[illia]m Vicary, Mid.[ship-man]    
  9 ditto ditto ditto 2nd Class No.3 Gloucester 21   J[ohn] Legg L[ands]
  550 ditto ditto ditto 2nd Class No.8 Prechel. 19   Pet[er] Wright LM,    
  1. ditto ditto ditto 2nd Class No.14 Swansea 18   Wm Bevan LM,    
  Richard King¬† Captain,
Tho[ma]s Watson Master,
Ja[me]s Lamport[?]  Purser,
Peter Johnson Boatswain
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