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Appeal for exemption from First World War military service

12 Jan[uary]. 1917

Rec[eive]d 8 Jan[uary]. 1917

This form may be used by attested men and by men applying under the Military Service Act, 1916.

Name of Local Tribunal BRENTFORD M2857

Number of Case MSA.267

R. - 43


(The attached duplicate form must also be filled up and sent to the Local Tribunal with this form not later than three clear days after the decision of the Tribunal.)

1. Man in respect of whom appeal made. William Rowe
(a) Name (in full) William Rowe
(b) Address (in full) 27 Harnage Road Brentford
(c) Occupation, profession or business Fish Frier
(d) Whether he is attested or not attested not attested but been examined

2. Grounds on which appeal made. (These should be fully stated.)
I am making an appeal on domestic grounds that serious hardships will ensue if I have to go in the army, I have a wife and three children & my wife is expecting her sixth child in april one of my children is a cripple and youngest 2½ is very delicate, My wife could not manage the business by herself as I supply 100s of fish dinners every week to poor people & have invested my life savings in this business I have 3 brothers serving in the army My wife could not go out to work in her present condition if I have to go.

3. (a) Signature of appellant
If appeal not made by the man - W. Rowe
(b) Address of appellant
(c) Occupation, profession, or business. (If military representative, state so.)
(d) If appellant is not the military representative, why appellant acts for the man

Date Jan[uary] 8

An appeal from the decision of an Appeal Tribunal can be made to the Central Tribunal only by leave of the Appeal Tribunal. A form in which the appeal may be made can be obtained from the Appeal Tribunal. The form must be filled in and sent to the Appeal Tribunal not later than three clear days after the date of the decision of the Appeal Tribunal.

(B8131) Wt.32553-468 25M 10/16 H & S [P.T.O.

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