Novice to Know-How

We have commissioned the Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC) to create Novice to Know-How, an online training resource as part of our Plugged In, Powered Up strategy. The training provides learners with the skills and confidence required to implement a simple and proactive digital preservation workflow within their organisation.

With an emphasis on free, easy-to-use solutions, the training has been researched, developed, and tested by experts within the digital preservation community. The course is practically focused and includes detailed demos, video, text and quizzes.

Topics covered in the training

The training starts with a broad introduction to digital preservation issues and describes some of the ways to address these. It also explores the steps of potential workflows and the technological solutions that can deployed. Our specific guidance on digital preservation workflows complements the Novice to Know-How training.

With each course estimated to take two days to complete, learners may take courses on:

  1. An introduction to digital preservation
  2. Files, file formats and bitstream preservation
  3. Using DROID
  4. Selecting and transfering digital content
  5. Ingesting digital content
  6. Preserving digital content

Joining the training

Access to the Novice to Know-How course will work on monthly cycles, starting on the first day of each month. On this day, learners will receive an email from the DPC notifying them that their account has been created. Learners will then have until the 28th of the month to complete their selected courses. For the first year, priority access will be given to the UK archive sector and DPC members.