Short-form video and Gen Y

Short-form videos are those that are less than three minutes in length. The most interesting platform for short-form video content is TikTok and Gen Y are an active audience of this platform. TikTok content is based on trends and languages that evolve over time and you will also need to be digitally confident and ready to shoot and edit video, both using the app’s internal features and external software to support quality content creation.

If TikTok does not seem like the platform for your intention, then consider reaching Gen Y through a digital exhibition that uses short-form video.

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Digital Exhibitions

Long-form video and Gen Y

Long-form videos are those that are more than three minutes in length. Gen Y are the YouTube generation and many will use it to browse for new and engaging content. They will have high expectations of the quality and it will be important to research the different styles of informative content on the platform.

If you plan to have a lot of video content on your channel, it will be important to ensure it is organised well on the site. You should ensure that you understand how to curate your channel’s playlists and clearly guide audiences through your content. Our YouTube platform guide will explain more.

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