Fundraising for Archives

If you are looking to grow the funding for your archive service then you can find training and support from Fundraising for Archives. You do not need to be a qualified archivist to participate; you might be a volunteer at an archive or a member of an archive Friends group. All of our training is fully funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, so it is free for you to access all of the support we provide.

What support do we provide?

We are offering support on a range of topics to equip you with the skills to successfully secure funding for your service. This includes the building blocks to embarking on fundraising such as: advocacy; financial planning; and how to benchmark and evaluate your activities. We also provide support on different fundraising methods, including crowdfunding, setting up a legacy campaign and collaborating with your Friends group to fundraise.  You can find out more about all of our fundraising modules below. Our support on fundraising is available for you to access in several different ways:

Training courses

We host 1-day workshops on a range of our modules, each led by an experienced fundraiser. You can choose which topics and how many sessions you would like to attend. Discover our 2017 programme of open call training and register for your place.


We have begun releasing new online courses to enable you to undertake fundraising training wherever you are in the UK. Video tutorials and step-by-step guidance will introduce you to the topic and guide you through online activities, which enable you to put what you are learning into practice and tailor it to your archive service. Find out what is training is available and how to get started.


We have also published three online toolkits available for you to download:

Financial Planning toolkit

A foundation to embarking on fundraising, this toolkit enables you to assess your financial position, explore your alternative options and how to put your plans into action.

Building Networks & Supporters toolkit

People are the key to your fundraising success. This resource will guide you in identifying and influencing the networks which matter, raising the profile of your service and unlocking the advice and resources which supporters can offer you.

Measuring Outcomes toolkit

This toolkit provides guidance on how to create an outcomes framework to measure and evidence the impact your service makes. It will also help you use this framework to advocate continued or new support from stakeholders.

What fundraising topics do we cover?

The building blocks to fundraising

Fundraising activities

How do these modules all fit together? Check out our infographic (PDF, 0.29MB)

How can I find out more?

If you would like more information on Fundraising for Archives please don’t hesitate to contact the team via email at

Join our LinkedIn group to share fundraising experiences and ideas with colleagues in the sector.

Statement on use of data provided to Fundraising for Archives programme (PDF, 0.14MB)

Fundraising for Archives has received a £477,000 grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund’s Catalyst programme and is running from February 2016 until December 2017. We are working in partnership with the Archives and Records Association (ARA), the Scottish Council on Archives (SCA), the Museums, Archives and Libraries Division of the Welsh government (MALD) and the Public Records Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI), aiming to reach as many people across the UK as possible.