Taking part in the survey

The deadline for submitting returns for the Accessions to Repositories 2018 survey has now passed.

The 2019 survey will begin in late November or December. The deadline for submissions will be around 1 February 2020. If you are interested in taking part for the first time in next year’s survey, please contact the team.

The template has been adapted to support our data analysis work. For the 2018 survey we asked all participants, including local authority places of deposit, to use the updated template to send in their returns:

Template (for reference)

Accessions template 2018 (XLS, 0.05MB)

We have asked participants not make changes to the format of the template when they submit a return. Changing the layout of the template affects our ability to analyse the information accurately. The methods we use to analyse the data rely on the format being as uniform as possible. This is why we have introduced some new guidelines around filling in the template. Please read the appropriate guidance before submitting a return. The guidance will be updated for the 2019 survey.

Guidance (for reference)

Accessions to Repositories Guidance (general) 2018 (PDF, 0.22MB)

Guidance for local authority places of deposit (for reference)

Accessions to Repositories Guidance (local authority places of deposit) 2018 (PDF, 0.23MB)

20-year rule and local authority places of deposit

Local authority places of deposit need to complete the survey using the template and also mark up any public record accessions.

Without receipt of accessions returns by the deadline, we cannot guarantee payments of New Burdens funding to local authority places of deposit.

Repositories that have accessioned records eligible for New Burdens funding will need to respond promptly to any request for confirmation of stated quantities, and agreement to the terms, for payment to be authorised.

For more information on completing the return as a local authority place of deposit, please see our specific guidance above. Further details about New Burdens and eligibility for local authority places of deposit are available on the 20 year rule web page.