The records at risk must pass the following eligibility tests: 

  • The records face substantial risk concerning their long-term survival through an immediate risk, or as a result of a prolonged period of neglect; or in the absence of sufficient information to make informed decisions about their future management and retention. 
  • There is insufficient funding within the archives service to secure the collection. This would be considered on a case-by-case basis, as the fund in the first instance is not a purchase fund. 
  • The records have sufficient historic and research significance that their loss would be detrimental to the future study of the activities of the record-creating organisation, of the locality, or nationally using the assessment criteria that supports the Archives Revealed Programme. 
  • The records are currently held within the United Kingdom.  

The records can be in analogue or digital formats and can be inside or outside of the custody the records creator or a recognised collecting archive institution.