Application process and assessment criteria

To apply, please download and complete this application form and send via email to The National Archives Grant and Funding Office Please review the guidance below before applying.


The applicants must meet the following criteria: 

  • To be a recognised archival custodian. Examples of a recognised custodian include an institutional or accredited archive service under the Archives Service Accreditation Scheme, or a member of an appropriate specialist group such as the Community Archives and Heritage Group.  
  • However, the applicant organisation does not need to be an Accredited Archive to receive funding; our definition is broader and includes many types of archival organisation. 
  • Under exceptional circumstances the records creator will be able to receive funding; such organisations must apply in partnership with a recognised archival custodian. 

Application process  

Applications will be received via email submission to  The criteria for assessment can be found below, and the full application form can be found here. 

Assessment criteria

  • The collection’s physical or digital condition. (score up to 10)
  • The cultural significance and potential research value collection (score up to 20)
  • The level of the threat, vulnerability or barriers to access faced by the collection and the current status of the collection, whether for example held externally or by the applicant (score up to 20)
  • The technical effectiveness of the proposed course of action (score up to 10)
  • Inability of the applicant’s or record creator’s parent organisation to fund the proposed intervention and whether there are any alternative sources of funding available (score up to 10)
  • The strength of proposed public access arrangements (score up to 10)
  • The impact of the proposed course of action on the records and the applicant’s organisation (score up to 10)
  • Any ownership issues concerning the collection (score up to 10) 

(Total score up to 100)