Writing a case for support

At the heart of all good fundraising is an effective case for support – a powerful and engaging argument as to why a donor/funder/investor should support your work.
For a quick reminder of how to write an effective case for support, read our top tips.

Or if you have more time, take a look at this presentation which covers:

  • Advocacy, the case for support and how they are interlinked
  • The five why questions and how to use them in your case for support
  • What a case for support should contain with question prompts around need, solutions, impact, budget and added value
  • Involving internal stakeholders and external funders/donors
  • Communicating the case for support effectively

You can learn more about what is required in building a compelling a case for support, and where to get the information to create it through our eLearning course.

The video tutorial and step-by-step guidance will introduce you to the key aspects and guide you through online activities, which enable you to put what you are learning into practice and tailor it to your archive service.

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