Using advisory letters

The National Archives does not supply archive services with formal letters of support for funding bids or other related purposes. This is because we provide impartial advice to many grant-awarding bodies, which may be compromised by letters of support for specific applicants.

However, the Archives Sector Development team is keen to support development planning by archive services, and will provide both verbal and written advice including:

  • An assessment of the significance of their holdings
  • An analysis of current preservation and access provision
  • Recommendations on improving collections care
  • Advice on developing new audiences
  • Advice and support on building partnerships
  • Advice on deposit of records in appropriate repositories, which may include short to mid-term and long-term options

Advice from The National Archives can be used by archives in funding bids, or when seeking other forms of support. This might involve:

  • Demonstrating the value of the records within a wider context
  • Highlighting risk to the records of inadequate storage conditions
  • Recognising current barriers to access and presenting possible solutions
  • Illustrating small-scale improvements implemented following advice from The National Archives
  • Creating a strategic vision for your archive service and how it can deliver against key priorities

For further information, please contact a member of the Archives Sector Development department or email