3. Building networks and cultivating support

Winning support for a project, both internally within your organisation, and with your external stakeholders is essential to successfully apply for and win funding. It is vital that you can confidently express why your archive is important and how your project proposal is of benefit in terms that are relevant to everyone.  Once you have developed your case for support, you will be better able to advocate on behalf of your service/project to decision makers.

Building a business case

To help you comprehensively build a business case you could use this five-step model that draws on the HM Treasury Green Book Guidance.

Writing a case for support

At the heart of all good fundraising is an effective case for support – a powerful and engaging argument as to why a donor/funder/investor should support your work.

Friends and volunteers

Friends and volunteers are your most loyal and committed supporters.

Cultivating support

This presentation will show you how to practically apply advocacy skills to inspire the active support that will enrich your fundraising.

Using advisory letters

The National Archives does not supply archive services with formal letters of support for funding bids but can provide both verbal and written advice.