Application preview

This page is designed to help applicants plan their application to the Covid-19 Archives Fund in advance of starting the online application form. You can prepare your answers to the questions below in a Word document but please do not use this draft document as your official application.

Only applications using the online application form will be accepted.

Before starting your planning, please contact the Archives Sector Development team at for a preliminary conversation about your proposed application. Please also read the Covid-19 Archives Fund webpages before preparing and submitting an application to the fund.

Completed forms are confidential: contents will not be divulged by The National Archives to a third-party without prior consent. Applications will be considered by an assessment panel and their decisions will be communicated to applicants within one calendar month of the closing date for applicants on 15 January 2021.

Preview of application questions

Question 1: Name of applicant organisation and organisation address

Question 2: Name and position of lead contact

Question 3: Telephone number of applicant

Question 4:Email address of applicant

Question 5: Applicant organisation’s status e.g. custodian or collecting institution. Please also provide details of the owner and explain the ownership of the collection, e.g. owned/donation/deposit.

Question 6: Current location of collection/data

Question 7: Please describe the collection, including physical or digital condition, format, extents, and date ranges (maximum 250 words).

Question 8: Please describe why you believe the collection is significant. Please provide known details of the collection’s existing and potential levels of use, current degree of access, and existing metadata documentation. Please use bullet points if that is a useful way of presenting your information (maximum 250 -500  words).

Question 9: Please describe the immediate threat, vulnerability or barriers to access faced by the collection (maximum 250 words).

Question 10: Please describe the proposed course of action and the kind of assistance being applied for. This includes the proposed timetable and any deadlines, as well as the estimated costs to be considered by the Covid-19 Archives Fund. Please also explain the impact that the funding would have on the records and on your organisation (maximum 300 words).

Question 11: Please describe why the collection cannot be funded internally by the applicant’s or record creator’s parent organisation. Please also list which other funders you are applying to and when you expect to hear back from them (maximum 250 words).

Question 12: Please explain how you intend to assess and plan future public access to the records covered by this application (maximum 250 words).

Question 13: Please attach a letter of commitment from the head of your organisation, stating that the collection will be available to public access in the future and setting out proposed access arrangements. (Public access would be subject to any necessary cataloguing, conservation work and data protection restrictions that may be deemed necessary). You can also include other supporting documents/letters of support such as an academic reference on the research value of the records.

Please note: Individual supporting documents must not exceed six sides of A4