Assessment process

Applications are assessed based on the archive’s responses to the questions in the application form.  Each application is scored against objective criteria by at least four panel members. We have recruited a pool of potential panel members from different departments across The National Archives. A panel for each assessment will be formed based on the type and subject matter of the applications received to ensure applications can be assessed by those with relevant skills and expertise.

The panel is chaired by the programme administrators James Hodgson. The administrator is not permitted to contribute to assessment discussions, other than to facilitate the process, or to score and assess applications. A conflict of interest register will be completed before each round of assessments. In the case of a conflict of interest, that panel member will be asked not score the application and to absent themselves from the relevant discussion. The other panel members’ scores will be averaged to compensate.

At the end of an assessment meeting the panel will have agreed which projects should be funded in each round according to available resources. They will also have decided which projects should be retained on a reserve list as similarly strong projects with the potential for funding if additional resources become available in the same financial year. If extra funding does become available and the panel wishes to consider the reserve list alongside the ongoing rounds of applications, an additional panel meeting will be called to consider the allocation of the additional resource.