About Networks for Change

The Networks for Change programme provides grants to support collaboration in active networks of archive services. The programme has been designed to provide support at various stages in the development and operation of a network; from assisting the establishment of the network in its early stages through to supporting development projects undertaken by robust and stable networks.

Establish a new archives network
Provision of grants at the beginning of the process to fund the work involved with establishing a new network of archive services

Strengthen the network
Provision of additional support to established networks to strengthen aspects of their constitution, governance or ways of working in order to improve effectiveness

Develop a collaborative project
Provision of grants for shared interest development projects undertaken by established networks that have the potential to lead to positive change for the network and the wider archive sector

What could a collaborative network achieve?

The objectives of a collaborative archive service network may support the as well as being varied and specific to the needs of the network. Objectives may include some of the following:

  • Identify opportunities for joint ventures and innovative projects that will benefit the whole network and the wider sector
  • Work collaboratively to develop shared services, systems, infrastructure and facilities that could improve efficiency and value for money across archive services
  • Develop the skills of members that can be shared and utilised by the rest of the network
  • Improve service standards in individual archive services or across a network to meet Archive Service Accreditation standards
  • Provide access to advice and expertise from peer organisations
  • Raise the profile of the network and what it wants to achieve, and the profile of individual archive services within the network
  • Improve awareness of what is happening in the wider archive sector and the role of individual archive services within that
  • Investigate links between collections and develop collaborative approaches to public engagement and audience development, demonstrating some of the wider impacts of archives
  • Investigate potential for income generation, fundraising or investment leading to more stable and resilient archive services
  • Encourage collaboration and shared ways of working with other sectors, including libraries, museums, and galleries.