After your application

We expect that you will appoint a consultant/expert within three months of receiving notification of success of your application, and that you will receive your final report from this consultant within nine months. However, this is merely a guideline: the timelines are to be set by yourself and your consultant as suits both parties.

The structure and content of the report will be focused on meeting the needs of the archive service which has successfully been awarded a scoping grant, and will be at the discretion of the consultant appointed by that archive service.  However, we expect that an organisation applying for a scoping grant is likely to require guidance and advice on a number of key areas, for example:

Overview of collection An overview of the collection in its existing state. This might cover extent (measured in cubic meters or GB/TB), storage, provenance, ownership, management, skills available in the organisation, and extent of commitment of financial resource to the collection in question. This could also cover the extent of appraisal and sorting that has taken place on the collection to date.
Condition Top level analysis of the condition of the collection, or more detailed analysis if a qualified conservator forms part of the scoping team.
Access Analysis of the extent to which the collection is physically accessible, or digitally accessible.
Appraisal Assessment of whether further appraisal needs to take place on the collection to refine the content and streamline required storage
Arrangement Analysis of the arrangement of the collection and whether any re-arrangement is needed
Documentation/ cataloguing Information about any listing, cataloguing, associated metadata or other documentation that is available, and an assessment of the standard of those lists, catalogues, metadata or documentation.
Use/ potential research An analysis of the significance of the content of the collection, and an analysis of the potential for use, research or engagement opportunities with the collections
Next steps and recommendations Recommendations detailing what might be an appropriate goal for the collection held by the organisation, and next steps for how they might achieve this goal. This could also cover recommendations for other funding opportunities they can explore to implement some of the recommendations – such as Archives Revealed Cataloguing Grants.

The areas the report should focus on will depend on the collection and the organisation: it will be necessary for the grantee and the consultant to discuss this before the assessment takes place.

Successful applicants can choose to select their own consultant/expert from a list held by the Archives Revealed team, based on geographical proximity and matching skills and specialisms. If you would like a consultant who is not on the list to complete a Scoping Report, that is quite possible – please contact the Archives Revealed team to discuss this further: