Funding partners

Archives Revealed is a partnership programme between The National Archives, The Pilgrim Trust and the Wolfson Foundation.

Find out more about The National Archives and our role.

The Pilgrim Trust

The Pilgrim Trust is an independent grant-making trust that supports the urgent and future needs of the UK. It gives approximately £3 million in grants per year to charities and other public bodies that either focus on preserving the UK’s heritage or on catalysing social change.

Its preservation and scholarship fund aims to preserve the fabric of historically important buildings and to conserve significant collections and artefacts. It wants present and future generations to enjoy the rich and diverse heritage found throughout the UK.

The Trust is also keen to work in partnership with other organisations with expertise. It is for this reason that The Pilgrim Trust has worked with The National Archives on cataloguing hidden archives for over 10 years, first through our Cataloguing Grants programme and now through Archives Revealed.

The Pilgrim Trust continues to act as banker for Archives Revealed and commits £100,000 per year to the programme. The Trust has also promoted the programme to other funders.

The Wolfson Foundation

The Wolfson Foundation is an independent charity with a focus on research and education. Its aim is to support civil society by investing in excellent projects in science, health, heritage, humanities and the arts.

Since it was established in 1955, some £1 billion (£2 billion in real terms) has been awarded to more than 14,000 projects throughout the UK, all on the basis of expert review.