Funding partners

Archives Revealed is a partnership programme between The National Archives and The Pilgrim Trust.

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The Pilgrim Trust

The Pilgrim Trust is a long-established grant-making foundation which prides itself on seeking to support causes that find it difficult to raise funds from other sources.  It spends 60% of its income from its endowment fund – which amounts to about £2.5 million a year – on preservation and scholarship projects, and 40% on social welfare.

It is interested in supporting projects such as conservation and cataloguing which preserve original material and enable organisations to make objects, collections and archives available to the public and researchers.  It is also keen to work in partnership with other organisations who have expertise.  It is for this reason that it has worked with The National Archives on cataloguing hidden archives for over ten years, first through our Cataloguing Grants Programme and now through Archives Revealed.

The Pilgrim Trust will continue to act as banker to the programme and has promoted it to other funders.  It commits £100,000 a year to the programme and is delighted to be re-launching it as Archives Revealed.