Assessment process

Our cataloguing grants strand has a two-phase application process:

  • Phase 1: (expression of interest) focuses on exploring eligibility, considering a summary of each proposed project, and assessing how projects support the overall goal and aims of the programme
  • Phase 2 (full application) focuses on assessing the detail of each proposed project, including the collection significance, the need for cataloguing to take place, the impact of the project on audiences, and the selected approach to cataloguing the collection

Phase 1

Applications will be checked for eligibility before being assessed by an independent assessment panel. The independent assessment panel will consider three areas:

A: Aligning with Archives Revealed: an assessment of how projects support the Archives Revealed aims

B: Ownership/deposit status: an assessment of the risk of the collection being removed from public access

C: Finance/budget: an assessment of the amount of matched funding proposed in cash or in kind

The panel will discuss all applications at a moderation panel assessment meeting and will invite successful applicants to submit a full application at phase 2. Full feedback will be given to unsuccessful applicants at this stage.

Please see our ‘how to apply‘ and ‘help with your application‘ webpages for more guidance.

Phase 2

Applications at phase 2 are checked for eligibility and are then assessed by the independent assessment panel. The panel considers all applications before selecting those that will be offered an Archives Revealed cataloguing grant.

Cataloguing grants assessment panel

The assessment panel for cataloguing grants is an independent panel made up of ten to twelve members. Members are selected to represent a broad range of organisations, diverse backgrounds, subject specialisms and geographical spread.

We recently recruited new members to the assessment panel and have expanded our supportive expenses package for panel members where needed.

After your application

For further information on timescales for the programme, including deadlines and announcement dates, please visit our ‘how to apply‘ webpage.