About Archives Revealed

Archives Revealed is a partnership funding programme from The National Archives, The Pilgrim Trust and the Wolfson Foundation which supports the cataloguing of archive collections. The goal of the Archives Revealed programme is to ensure that significant archive collections, representing the lives and perspectives of all people across the UK, are made accessible to the public for research and enjoyment.

Archives Revealed is administered by a dedicated team at The National Archives. We provide applicant archives with access to e-learning, webinars and workshops, which will help more archives to access support and build resilience for the future.

Archives Revealed comprises two funding strands:

Cataloguing grants

Up to £45,000 for archives to create catalogues of important archival collections. These grants open up access to collections that matter to researchers and communities and that increase public engagement with history. This is an annual programme that opens in the autumn each year.

Scoping grants

A scoping grant funds an assessment report incorporating expert advice on a range of areas relating to collections management and the development of your collection. The scoping grant funding scheme is a rolling programme with decisions being made on a quarterly basis.

Our aims

The Archives Revealed programme has 6 aims:

  • Significance: make significant collections accessible to national and local audiences which would otherwise remain hidden
  • Diversity and inclusion: be an inclusive and responsible funder that supports diversity across the archive sector
  • Audiences, engagement and improvement to access: increase the visibility and use of archive collections across varied audiences, revealing the stories and experiences of people, communities and events
  • Impact and value of archives: highlight the value of archives in making a difference to people’s lives
  • Standards and approaches to cataloguing: fund projects that represent examples of excellence in cataloguing and discovery
  • Funding skills and confidence: build fundraising skills and confidence through the application process


Significance: Archive services identify and prioritise the cataloguing of collections representing significant people, organisations, communities, events and cultures in the UK to make them more accessible to audiences.

Diversity and inclusion: Archive services of all types and size, and from all regions of the UK, are more accessible to people for research and enjoyment. Archives Revealed has a reputation for equitable decision-making and enables a wide variety of projects from across the UK to be supported with funding.

Audiences, engagement and improvements to access: Archives make connections with relevant audiences, building relationships of trust based on engagement with archive collections. Archives engage audiences with archive collections in creative ways that make a difference to people’s lives. Audiences see their backgrounds, experiences and perspectives represented in the archive. Archives are able to communicate the results of their projects to highlight archive collections to relevant audiences, communities and the wider public.

Impact and value: Archives can advocate for their service and collections to ensure continued support from within their own organisations and beyond – and secure matched resources for the catalogued collections. Heritage and archive funders are engaged in the Archives Revealed programme, understand its value, and contribute to funding to ensure its continued success. The archive sector can draw on a body of evidence to advocate for their service and adjust their engagement work accordingly.

Quality and standards: Appropriate and effective cataloguing methods are utilised that meet archive standards and best practice guidance, and that result in collections being highly accessible and usable by audiences.

Fundraising skills and confidence: Archive services have the knowledge and skills to secure funding to support engagement activity for catalogued collections.


Please see our FAQs for answers to the most popular questions about the Archives Revealed programme.