Shevchenko Library and Archive

The Shevchenko Library and Archive (SL&A), situated in the Notting Hill area of London, is one of the largest Ukrainian émigré libraries in Europe and of the one of the most valuable assets of the Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain (AUGB).

Formed in 1947, and later named after Ukraine’s national poet, Taras Shevchenko, its main aims and objectives are:

  • To preserve all items of historical and cultural value, including documents, works of art, books and periodicals
  • To facilitate academic research on Ukrainian topics, particularly the history of the Ukrainian diaspora
  • To bring Ukrainian themes to a wider audience through exhibitions and other events
  • To establish and maintain a comprehensive catalogue of works
A light room with lots of bookcases and a desk with a computer

Image credit: Shevchenko Library and Archive

The SL&A houses a collection of printed matter on Ukrainian themes, archive documents, manuscripts and other items of cultural and historical value, and a large collection of Ukrainian postage stamps, sculptures and other works of art. More specifically it houses the following:

A collection of books, periodicals and newspapers
Over 35,000 volumes of academic publications on history, politics, culture, classical fiction, rare émigré publications, Ukrainian periodicals published in the West, literature on the history of Ukrainian émigré organisations in Europe, Canada and the US, publications of Ukrainian academic centres in the West, encyclopaedic reference books and old prints.

Archive collection
Well in excess of 10,000 pages, including archival materials of notable political and public figures such as the former AUGB Honorary President Hetman Danylo Skoropadsky (1904-1957) and former MP and AUGB Board Member, Stefan Terlezki (1927-2006). Research work on the archival materials is currently focussed on unpublished documents of Professor Natalia Polonska-Vasylenko and Professor Vadym Shcherbakivsky.

Art collection
Paintings, icons, sculptures, lithographs, posters, and other artworks. This includes the largest collection of Grygor Kruk sculptures and works of a host of prominent Ukrainian artists, such as Ivan Trush, Myron Levytsky, Oleksa Novakivsky, Elizaveta Skoropadska and others.

Ukrainian philatelists’ collection
Philately is the collection or study of stamps. This collection was founded in 1971 by Teodor Fedyshyn (1926-1974), who also organised the first exhibition of Ukrainian stamps in the UK.

Photographic collection
A large volume of photographs relating to the formation and developments of the Ukrainian community in the UK.

The SL&A is currently not available for viewing online but for more information or to view the collections in person by appointment, please contact