Association of Ukrainian Women

Established in 1948, the Association of Ukrainian Women (AUW) is a community organisation for UK-based Ukrainian women and women with Ukrainian connections and as such it is a nexus for the Ukrainian diaspora in the UK. The AUW supports cultural, educational, humanitarian and social programmes.

The archive is a significant resource for the study of the immigrant experience over a prolonged period and its vital contribution to UK society, as well as of the legacy of refugees and forced migration. Ukrainians in the UK are an understudied ‘white’ migrant group (in contrast to Armenian, Irish, Polish and Jewish communities), with Ukrainian women in particular having no voice. The collection includes records from 1948 onwards and will continue to receive material.

Invite in Ukrainian

Invite to the 50th anniversary celebrations (Image credit: Association of Ukrainian Women)

The archive of the AUW is unique and is of huge significance across many areas of research and audience engagement. The collection is particularly important for the study of the Ukrainian diaspora in the UK and women’s history from the post-war period to the present day, as well as being of great social importance to the Ukrainian community in the UK.

The AUW Archive is an important collection for documenting the experiences of Ukrainian women living in the United Kingdom. These histories can often go unrecorded, so this represents an invaluable archival resource for documenting these diasporic voices. Examples taken from the AUW Archive include the AUW 50th anniversary invitation, the AUW 50th anniversary poster, and the AUW Ukrainian Children’s Appeal Fund brochure produced in response to the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.

Further information on the AUW Archive can be found on the Living Refugee Archive website. The collection is not yet fully accessible, but cataloguing is ongoing, and some material will be made available digitally. Requests for access should be made in the first instance to Paul Dudman, University of East London or by emailing