On Wednesday 4 September 2013 The National Archives and the University of Birmingham delivered a one-day conference which explored partnership and collaborative working between the archive and higher education sectors. Sponsored by Research Libraries UK, Adlib Information Systems and the Institute of Historical Research the conference brought together 39 speakers, from 36 separate institutions, and over 140 delegates to explore how archives and universities could work together more effectively. In this section you will find copies and a link to the youtube account to some of the presentations from the day:

The archive of Bishop Richard Hurd Unwrapped in Partnership (PPT, 9.71Mb)

At the boundary between research and practice: research collaboration between UCL Department of Information Studies and The National Archives (PPT, 1.32Mb)

Ages and Stages: Exploring a theatre archive to generate creativity across generations (PPT, 2.71Mb)

Applied History and the Hull History Partnership (PPT, 9.18Mb)

Curious Resources: the National Fairground Archive Experience (PPT, 0.29Mb)

Exploring Medieval Seals: A case study in research and outreach (PPT, 6.22Mb)

Warwick University & NYCRO- a developing relationship (PPT, 23.54Mb)

Engaging with Archives and Heritage: charting the student experience at the University of Birmingham (PPT, 3.27Mb)

Having What The Other Guy Doesn't: the PRONI-OUI local history lecture series (PPT, 2.84Mb)

Museum and Archives: Collection at CSM (PPT, 4.46Mb)

Children on the Move: Evacuation in Staffordshire (PPT, 2.16Mb)

Digitisation and Archives (PPT, 1.62Mb)

Through a Glass Darkly: Connecting Schools and Universities at Glamorgan Archives (PPT, 4.14Mb)

HE & Archives: Forging a new relationship in Essex (PPT, 6.56Mb)

The value of collections in the undergraduate recruitment process: The role of the Cadbury Research Library in recruiting Liberal Arts students (PPT, 3.54Mb)

History on Your Doorstep: The University of Wolverhampton and the Wolverhampton City Archives (PPT, 2.44Mb)

Geography: the missing link for archives? A case study from the London Blitz (PPT, 7.34Mb)

Exploring Medieval Seals (PPT, 6.22Mb)

History on your Doorstep (PDF, 1.62Mb)

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