Enabling and developing online access to collections descriptions is an important aspect of archives management.

This page provides information about the annual UK Archives Discovery Network (UKAD) Forum, an event which is free for archivists and information professionals to attend.

UK Archives Discovery Network (UKAD) Forum

UK Archives Discovery Network (UKAD) is about discussing ideas on ways to work together and to make collections work together. If you are interested in online access and data sharing, attending a UKAD Forum can be a great opportunity to hear and share some of the latest thinking.  

In 2015, the Forum was hosted by The National Archives on behalf of both UKAD and the Archives and Records Association (UK and Ireland)'s Section for Archives and Technology (SAT).

To see background information about the development of UKAD, including its aims and objectives, you can visit the UKAD website.

Past events

2015 Forum: Born digital realities

The day included workshops, presentations and panels exploring the challenges of managing born digital collections from deposit to access.
It addressed issues such as:
  • How do digital records explode the traditional archival workflow?
  • Do we have standards fit for a digital purpose?
  • Are we close enough to our depositors to influence how digital records are created, described, stored and delivered?

View the presentations and posters from the day.

2014 Forum: Standards for Discovery- from the small archive to the European stage

Delegates enjoyed presentations, posters and lively debate focused on the importance of data standards. You can listen to podcasts from the day and view the presentations.

2013 forum

Listen to podcasts from the day and view the presentations.

2012 forum

You can view some of the presentations from the 2012 UKAD Forum below:

Archives Discovery Forum (PPT, 2.92MB)

Archives hub, linking lives (PPT, 4.74MB)

Born-digital archives: a simple SWOT analysis (PPT, 2.58MB)

Crowdsourcing map data (PPT, 8.49MB)

History to Herstory: Women's Lives online, 1100 to present day (PPT, 0.95MB)

Launch of the Integrated Archives and Manuscript System (IAMS) (PPT, 3.29MB)

Linked Data and the Step change Project (PPT, 6.31MB)

People's Collection Wales/Placebooks development (PPT, 8.77MB)

Take 2 : The Who and What of the 6 Seekers (PPT, 1.82MB)

Watching the Detectives: Forensic Information in Digital Objects (FIDO) (PPT, 1.13MB)

2011 forum

You can view presentations from the 2011 forum in the web archive. Podcasts of the plenary sessions and some of the other speakers at the 2011 forum are available in our Archives Media Player.

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