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The contacts below are for enquiries about archives and archives services. For record or research related enquiries, please use our online contact form.

Contacting us by email

Email the team at asd@nationalarchives.gsi.gov.uk.

Contacting us by telephone

To telephone the team, please dial +44 (0) 208 876 3444.

  • Contacts

  • Head of Archives Sector Development Nick Kingsley
  • Head of Strategies and Programmes Team Matt Greenhall
  • Research Manager Thomas White
  • Programme Manager Transforming Archives Emma Stagg
  • Programme Manager Giving Value Rachel Davies
  • Programme Manager (Accreditation) Melinda Haunton
  • Programme Officer (Accreditation) Jane Shillaker
  • Senior Advisor (20-year rule and Places of Deposit) Jessamy Carlson
  • Senior Advisor (20-year rule and NHS) Kevin Mulley
  • Head of Engagement Isobel Hunter
  • Communications and Business Development Manager Leah Chapman
  • Strategic Engagement Manager

    Mairead O'Rourke

  • Engagement Manager - London Tina Morton
  • Engagement Manager - East Emma Jay
  • Engagement Manager - West (South West, West Midlands)

    Isobel Hunter

  • Engagement Manager - North Keith Sweetmore
  • Place of Deposit Manager (including Wales) Andrew Rowley
  • Place of Deposit Officer Nicholas Coney
  • Acting Head of Private Archives

    Phillip Gale

  • Senior Adviser - Private Archives (Business Archives) Alex Ritchie
  • Senior Adviser - Private Archives (Manorial) Liz Hart
  • Senior Adviser - Private Archives (Private and Institutional Owners)
  • Senior Adviser - Private Archives (Religious Archives) Tim Powell
  • Head of Collections Knowledge Cathy Williams
  • Collections Knowledge Manager (Collections Development) Fleur Soper
  • Collections Knowledge Manager (Archiving the Arts) Kate Wheeler
  • Collections Knowledge Manager (Systems)

    Sam Meunier

  • Collections Knowledge Manager (Finding Archives)

    Jonathan Cates

  • Casework Manager James Travers
  • Collections Knowledge Officer (Archiving the Arts)

    Louise Piffero

  • Collections Knowledge Officer
  • Collections Knowledge Officer Elisabeth Novitski
  • Collections Knowledge Officer

    Amy Greir

  • Collections Knowledge Officer Sarah Marks

Other useful contacts