Successful service transformation

The archive sector is undergoing a period of unprecedented change and challenge.  This environment requires leaders who have the capability to enhance their organisation’s impact and resilience using service review and transformation techniques. As a result, services can continue to have an increasingly positive impact on people and communities.

These online resources, including tools, templates, techniques and tips, have been designed to help you develop and implement a planned approach to service review and transformation.

Please contact us if you have any questions, need any further support or have some best practice relating to service transformation that you are able to share.

Preparing for a service review

Archive services should enhance their impact and organisational resilience through a programme of continual improvement.

Strategic review and alignment

One of the key components of a resilient archive service is establishing an outcomes-based strategy, which is aligned with the vision, mission and strategy of the parent body and key funding partners.

Data analysis and review

One of the enduring characteristics of excellent and resilient organisations and leaders is the use of data trends to inform strategy, organisational improvement and service development (even in the ‘post-truth world’ that we now seem to be living in).

Stakeholder review and engagement

Resilient heritage organisations develop a clear understanding of their stakeholders and engage with them effectively to inform service development and improvement and create supporters of and advocates for the service.