This week we are exploring the theme of hope.

‘I just had to let you know how I felt, please do not think I am foolish Morris, but I Love You such a lot, so please if you do not feel this way to me, promise that we shall always be the best of friends’.

Our collection includes this rare surviving love letter between two men, from the 1930s. It was written at a time when homosexual acts between men were criminalised. The author, Cyril, was just 22 and his disappointment at not seeing his ‘darling Morris’ and feeling unsure whether his love is returned is clear in the letter: “I was very very disappointed to find out that you were not coming…. I just lived for to-night when I was to have seen you darling”. You can read the transcript for the full letter here.

Cyril bravely wrote this heartfelt letter, despite not knowing whether his feelings were reciprocated. Regardless of the outcome, he still maintains hope that the pair will have some form of relationship – even if they are only ‘the best of friends’.

The current coronavirus pandemic has caused many people to reflect on how they live their lives. What have you reflected on in lockdown and what are your hopes for the future?

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Cyril to his darling Morris