This week we are exploring the theme of strength.

‘I often long for you. I should love to see you. I don’t know when I shall see you again but I do hope it will be very soon’

The letter below was sent by Hetty to her sweetheart William Crawford on 29 January 1917. Like many young couples, Hetty and William were separated by distance during the First World War. During this time it was common for letters to be exchanged between sweethearts and soldiers fighting on the front lines as it was one of the only ways they could keep in touch. You can read the transcript for the full letter here.

Even the most seemingly mundane letters could be a source of strength to their recipient. Hetty’s letters survived as they were likely kept by William as a keepsake, a beacon of hope, during the conflict. Several letters from Hetty can be found in William’s service records at The National Archives.

What would you write to someone to give them strength during this difficult time?

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