This week we are exploring the theme of kindness.

‘I am really under great concern, and beg for gods sake you will consider againe if their can no way be thought on for you to marrie her.’

We hold two anonymous letters in our collection, offering advice on two prospective relationships; should the recipient marry for love, or for money? They appear to be written from one man to his friend and seem desperate and hurried in tone and style, with the first written on Saturday morning at 06:00, the second on Sunday night at 02:00.

Below is a scan of what one of those letters looked like. It’s not easy to read but the text of both letters is transcribed in full here (PDF, 49 KB).

Despite these letters being from over 200 years ago, the desire to offer advice to a friend in need is still relatable today. In times like lockdown, many have likely found ourselves reaching out to friends. Before our on site exhibition closed, many people wrote letters of advice to themselves. What friendly advice and messages of kindness would you like to give yourself right now?

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