Ministry of Time Travel: The 1671 Crown Jewels Heist

Join us for a fantastic interactive adventure!

Running until 4 September, with slots available every Tuesday to Saturday between 9:30-16:00

A person in a mock laboratory environment, wearing a white lab coat, helmet and goggles. They are reaching towards a computer screen.

Calling all secret agents – the Ministry of Time Travel needs you!

This top-secret organisation bends time to safeguard the past, present and the future … and we need your help!

This summer, we’re recruiting new agents to solve a very royal mystery.

Enter the extraordinary world of the Ministry of Time Travel, meet ministry operatives Ola and Jay, and help them decode strange time signals from 1671 in the mysterious Misfires Room. Do you have what it takes to save time itself?

This mission is aimed at children aged between 8-12 years and their families.

Free of charge, we recommend booking in advance.

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