Keeper’s Gallery

The Keeper's Gallery is free and is open 09:00-17:00, Tuesday to Saturday.

The Keeper’s Gallery is our on site museum which showcases highlights from The National Archives.

We offer regular tours of the gallery and increasingly offer family events as part of our What’s On Programme.

For preservation reasons, light levels are kept low in certain areas of the gallery and some documents on display as facsimiles.

We welcome feedback and suggestions regarding the Keeper’s Gallery, so please let us know your thoughts using our contact form.

Current displays

Medieval royal wardrobe accounts

19 December 2016 – March 2017

This facsimile display highlights how the royal wardrobe accounts at The National Archives have been used to explore the importance of fashion in medieval England.

Millbank Penitentiary

Present – 3 January 2017

To mark its 200 year anniversary, this display looks at the history of Millbank Penitentiary and draws upon some of the people who experienced conditions inside.

Commemorating conscription

Present – 3 January 2017

100 years on from the Military Service Act, we use case papers of the Middlesex Military Service Appeal Tribunal to show how war impacted those on the Home Front.

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