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England’s mistress: Emma Hamilton
22 January | 14:00
Kate Williams discusses the tumultuous life of Emma Hamilton, and how her affair with Lord Nelson became one of the most epic love stories of all time.

Top Level Tips: Discovering your family history
23 January | 10:00
Our experts guide you through all the basics on how to get started with discovering your family history within half an hour.

Belsen and the British
29 January | 14:00
Dan Stone examines what the British found at Belsen in April 1945, and explains how the aftermath of the liberation was never just a British affair.

Top Level Tips: Discovering your local history
30 January | 10:00
Join our expert-led webinar that will give you guide you through all the basics to get started with discovering your family history within half an hour.

Top Level Tips: First World War army records
6 February | 10:00
Gain pointers on how to start researching your ancestor who served in the Army during the First World War, or someone listed on your local war memorial. 

Top Level Tips: Records of railway workers
13 February | 10:00
Discover tools and tips on how to research your ancestors who worked on the railways trace their work and employment records.

Public health and the 1918-19 Influenza pandemic 
19 February| 14:00
Laura Robson-Mainwaring dives into the government’s response to the Influenza pandemic, at a time when the cause and treatment of Influenza was unknown.

Top Level Tips: Using Discovery
23 February | 10:00
Learn our top tips for using our catalogue, Discovery. Within half an hour you will come away with all of the tools needed to make the most of the catalogue for your research.

AIDS: Prejudice, prevention and publicity
26 February | 14:00
Mark Dunton examines how the government wrestled with the limits of frankness in a national public education campaign to address the AIDS epidemic.

Serving Winston: The life of Churchill’s cook with Annie Gray
5 March | 14:00
Annie Gray celebrates the life, times and food of Georgina Landemare, No.10’s society chef, and serves us a reminder that behind every great man lies a woman who can make a mean custard.

Agents for change: Women and protest in The National Archives’ collection
12 March | 14:00
Vicky Iglikowski-Broad reflects on women and protest in modern Britain, from the movement for women’s suffrage to the Ford Dagenham Campaigns of the 1960s.

Dead famous: Greg Jenner
19 March | 14:00
Greg Jenner unravels how celebrity burst into life in the early 18th century, as he assembles a vibrant cast of over 125 actors, singers, dancers, sportspeople and more, to search for its historical roots.

Uncovering hidden stories: Women in archives
26 March | 14:00
Angelina Osborne gives a glimpse into the lives of women around the world, from their determination to receive a university education to to raising awareness of injustices in institutions.