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What’s On in July

Musical Truth: A Musical History of Modern Black Britain in 28 Songs
21 July | 19:30
Jeffrey Boakye introduces key moments in Black British history through the lens of modern music. Learn about the ground-breaking musicians whose songs have changed the world and discover key moments in the Black British narrative.

In Their Own Write: The Testimony of the Victorian English and Welsh Poor
23 July | 14:00
In this talk you’ll meet ordinary people at the extreme lower strata of Victorian society, who campaigned to their social “betters” for more acceptable levels of poor relief by changing their rights within the welfare system of the time.

What’s On in August
General sale starts Monday 19 July, 09:00

British Summer Time Begins: The School Summer Holidays 1930-1980
4 August | 19:30
From seaside escapes and grandparent retreats, the excitement of summer has been experienced for centuries. Ysenda Maxtone-Graham recalls the vivid summer memories of mid-20th century people.

Becoming British!
6 August | 14:00
Our collection holds over a quarter of a million naturalisations which took place between 1844 and 1980. This talk delves into the reasons why people took the decision to naturalise, including those from the founders behind high street retailer, Marks and Spencer.

In their own write: Punishing the Victorian pauper complainer
13 August | 14:00
Paupers easily found themselves disciplined for writing letters of complaint to local poor law authorities. Join Paul Carter as he explores the wealth of material available on how paupers were punished for complaining.

18 August | 19:30
Heiress Mary Davies, born in 1665 London, inherited the Grosvenor Estate in Mayfair as a baby. Author Leo Hollis uncovers how this estate determined the course of a tragic life, the state of Mary’s legacy and the future of London itself.

Top Level Tips: Tracing your criminal ancestors
24 August | 14:00
From trial and conviction to imprisonment and pardon, in just 30 minutes we’ll show how 19th and early 20th century criminal records can be used to build a fuller picture of ancestors on the wrong side of the law.