Record transfer report - Autumn 2016

Please note: This page refers to previous iterations of the Records Transfer Report (RTR) up till 2016. The RTR has now been replaced by the Information Management Report (IMR). Find the latest information on the IMR.

Government departments that transfer records to The National Archives provide data on the volume and transfer status of the records they hold. This data is collected in Spring and Autumn each year. This is a snapshot of the data as collected in Autumn 2016. View the raw data.

Select a government department below to view the data provided by those 21 bodies that transfer 90% of the records sent to The National Archives each year.

Figures provided are split into records covered by a Retention Instrument and records not covered by a Retention Instrument.

Records up to and including 1988 due for transfer before 2016

Total records held 942,075

  • Selected for transfer

    • 63,240 subject to a RI6%
    • 450,506 not subject to a RI47%
  • Still to be reviewed

    • 346,961 subject to a RI36%
    • 28,699 not subject to a RI3%
  • Awaiting disposal

    • 21,452 subject to a RI2%
    • 31,217 not subject to a RI3%
  • 431,653 total records subject to a RI
  • 510,422 total records not subject to a RI

Records from 1989 and 1990 due for transfer in 2016

Total records held 282,305

  • Selected for transfer

    • 6,180 subject to a RI2%
    • 13,504 not subject to a RI4%
  • Still to be reviewed

    • 58,284 subject to a RI20%
    • 105,557 not subject to a RI37%
  • Awaiting disposal

    • 35,088 subject to a RI12%
    • 63,692 not subject to a RI22%
  • 99,552 total records subject to a RI
  • 182,753 total records not subject to a RI

Records from 1991 and 1992 due for transfer in 2017

Total records held 358,425

  • Selected for transfer

    • 595 subject to a RI0.17%
    • 2,983 not subject to a RI0.83%
  • Still to be reviewed

    • 38,178 subject to a RI10%
    • 274,542 not subject to a RI76%
  • Awaiting disposal

    • 1,839 subject to a RI0.51%
    • 40,288 not subject to a RI11%
  • 40,612 total records subject to a RI
  • 317,813 total records not subject to a RI