Dr Valerie Johnson

Dr Valerie Johnson

Director of Research and Collections

As Director of Research and Collections, Dr Valerie Johnson is responsible for supporting and coordinating innovative research, conservation and cataloguing programmes that use our collections and enhance access. Alongside our leadership role for the archive sector, Valerie is also responsible for The National Archives’ active support for archives of all kinds, to secure the best possible long-term future for their collections and services.

She aims to further The National Archives’ engagement and collaboration with researchers across the cultural heritage, higher education, academic and archive sectors.

Prior to this role, Valerie was Head of Research at The National Archives. She worked on a funded history project based at the University of Cambridge History Faculty, and holds an MA with Distinction in Archive Administration. She was awarded the Alexander R Myers Memorial Prize for Archive Administration, and won the Coleman Prize for her PhD thesis, ‘British Multinationals, Culture and Empire in the Early Twentieth Century’.

Valerie is a Registered Member of the Society of Archivists, a Trustee and member of the Executive Committee of the Business Archives Council, a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society; and a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries. She has worked as an archivist and historian in the academic, corporate and public sectors.