Updating our Statement of Public Task

The National Archives has published a revised version of our Statement of Public Task.

Statements of Public Task are a key part of the transparency requirement on public bodies under the law governing the re-use of public sector information. It is good practice for organisations to regularly review their Statement of Public Task. It is also important to publish the Statement of Public Task, for public scrutiny as well as comment and challenge.

John Sheridan, Digital Director at The National Archives, said:

‘In this update, we have taken the opportunity to clarify in more detail the basis on which we make digital surrogates available for re-use. A digital surrogate of a public record is a representation of that record, usually a photographic image, stored in digital form. Our revised Statement of Public Task makes it clear that digital surrogates are outside our public task where the digitisation has been funded by a third party, and the purpose of the digitisation was to widen access to the collection or to achieve a commercial return for The National Archives.’

If you have any comments about our revised Statement of Public Task, please contact us.

Tags: PSI, transparency