Students time-travel in our new SEN workshop

Today the Education team is proud to welcome students from Clarendon School, Hampton, on site: they are the first participants in our new special educational needs (SEN) workshop, ‘Treasures of The National Archives’.

In this workshop, students explore a few of the unique documents from our collection, finding out how we can use them to learn about history.  Travelling back in time to the Victorian period, the students learn about what life was like using images taken from our records and relating them to different sensory objects.  This helps bring the past to life for our visitors as they use their senses to make direct connections with history.

The workshop ends with a creative craft activity: students make their own treasure boxes for storing precious possessions, alongside small facsimiles of the documents they explored in the workshop.

More information on the Education team’s SEN provision is coming to the website soon. In the meantime you can contact the team at

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