Prime Minister’s Papers from 1994 released

Today we have released files from the Prime Minister’s Office and Cabinet Office, predominantly covering the year of 1994.

The newly released Cabinet Office files (CAB and PREM) shed light on a range of subjects both at home and abroad under John Major’s leadership. In addition to 1994, this release includes some files from the last years of Margaret Thatcher’s government and the transition to Major’s premiership.

The files are available to view in the public reading rooms at The National Archives, Kew. A selection of files have been digitised and can be viewed and downloaded using our catalogue, Discovery.

Domestically, the files cover issues as diverse as the emergence of the Internet as a government communications tool (PREM 19/4621), the Prime Minister’s audiences with the Queen (PREM 19/4411), homosexual rights in Britain (PREM 19/4734), football hooliganism (PREM 19/4732), sporting achievements (PREM 19/4458), the use of government cars (PREM 19/4587), American air bases in the UK (PREM 19/4613), and the situation in Northern Ireland (PREM 19/4774-4790).

Internationally, there are various files relating to John Major’s work with US President Bill Clinton and wider UK-US relations (PREM 19/4495-4501), UK-Russian relations (PREM 19/4420-4422), Nelson Mandela’s visits to the UK (PREM 19/4454), the continuing conflict in Yugoslavia (PREM 19/4510 and PREM 19/4513), and UK government policy towards Europe (PREM 19/4640-4666).

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